I am always amazed at the stories that happen during Black Friday; people getting up at 4am and battling the crowds to get a deal.

What is remarkable about this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that they both broke records in terms of the amount of business that was done on those days..not arrest records or injury records…as far as I know :)

This got me to thinking about how this happens, what principle makes this such a huge event.
One of the most consistent teachings on Law of Attraction is the importance of Gratitude.
The more we can feel gratitude for what we have, the more we allow even greater things in.

The fact that the day following the only holiday who’s primary theme is gratitude is the most abundant day of the year for retail businesses is too much to be a coincidence.

The Abundance Formula

One of my favorite writers on the subject of Law of Attraction and Manifestation is Neville Goddard.  I highly recommend checking out The Neville Reader.  This book is actually a number of Neville’s books in one volume and contain a lot of exercises for LOA as well as amazing stories and testimonials that were submitted by his readers.  One of the most amazing stories is about how the crash of the Titanic was actually manifested from a popular work of fiction published several years before the great disaster.  The details of the actual event are extremely close to what  the author had imagined in that work of fiction.

One of Neville’s key teachings of his is the idea of “Living from the End.”

This means living in the emotional state that you will be in when you get to your goal.  Whatever you think the end result will give you, feel that state as consistently as possible.


There are a lot of people who don’t fully understand LOA and believe that they will just magically attract whatever they write down as a goal or put on a vision board.  What matters more than this is the actual emotional state that you are going for.  The biggest mistake that people will often make is their desperately wanting that outcome and their feeling of desperation contradicts the feeling of having it.  These two directions are opposed to each other and as a result, the person’s goal goes nowhere.

I also love the work of Gregg Braden.  In an interview once, he talked about his asking a Tibetan Lama what was happening inside of him when he performed a prayer that resulted in a miracle taking place.

The Lama answered: “You have never seen our prayers, you only see the external things we do to produce a feeling.  The feeling is the prayer.

If we look at the quote from this master and think about the idea of praying in order to achieve some outcome in our lives, it becomes clear.

The best way to pray for an outcome is to create the feeling of that outcome and live in it.

Here’s an exercise on this:

1. Write down some goal that you have

2. Close your eyes and magine that you already have this goal.  How do you feel having achieved this outcome?  Really step into this and live in this for a bit to soak in the experience.

3. What are some of the key emotions that came up?  Make note of them and consistently throughout the day check in with yourself to see where you are at in relation to this feeling.  Are you a match?  How often during the day are you a match to this feeling?  How often are you a match to the opposite of this feeling?

4. Each night when you are in bed and about to fall asleep, step into this imagined outcome and feel it fully.  This way, you are giving your mind some great material to work with as you begin to dream.  This also allows this to imprint into the subconscious mind more fully.

I would love to hear any comments or questions about this post and would especially love feedback from those who try it.

To Your Abundance,

Paul Reimers

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