I have seen new people catch the vision of what’s possible in this industry only to be running for the hills a couple of months later.  Some people start full of optimism and energy and end up beaten down a short time later…ready to quit without even being able to articulate what caused the massive change.

What can account for such a shift?

I believe that the #1 reason why some people leave this amazing industry has nothing to do with the nuts and bolts of how to do this business: lead generation, presenting, mentoring, duplication, etc.

The biggest reason I see behind failure in this business and life in general is…

Failure to effectively manage emotions.

Namely, the ability to consistently produce positive emotions like enthusiasm, empathy and compassion as well as knowing how to dissolve emotions like fear, doubt, resistance and approach avoidance.

There are so many potential roadblocks that can stop someone new to Network Marketing from achieving their goals and most of them are emotional in nature: fear of rejection, resistance, approach avoidance, etc.  It is absolutely essential to have a tool to offer members of our teams to help them get through those possible pitfalls in order for them to realize their dreams and to help others they sponsor do the same.

What can we offer our team to get them through these challenges with their dreams in tact?

One of the most powerful tools I have found to do this is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.

The technique is simple enough to teach someone in about 5 minutes, it can be applied to help alleviate almost any negative emotion or problem that is caused by a negative emotion and well…it looks really strange at first.


It consists of tapping on the end points of meridians (the energy lines used in Chinese Medicine) while repeating phrases that bring up negative emotion.  The words aren’t the most important part, it’s about the feeling that the words trigger.  You can even experiment by tapping on the feeling alone without using words.  The most important thing is to see how you feel then do a round of tapping or several and then note the difference.

I participated in an EFT summit recently and I was so much more able to use the techniques and help others to use it after hearing a variety of EFT practitioners do rounds of tapping with widely varying applications and scripts.

Also, there was a powerful movie made called The Tapping Solution which is extremely powerful because you get to see top EFT Practitioners working with individuals, some dealing with extreme emotional challenges.  Visit The Tapping Solution Website online to get a free EFT Ebook, as well as free videos with different practitioners demonstrating the technique.

I am so grateful to have this technique to share with my team!  It is so valuable to be able to help a new person maintain their high energy, optimism and momentum by sharing a simple solution with them to deal with negative emotions that could have otherwise sabotaged their success.

To Your Freedom,

Paul Reimers

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