It’s natural to learn from others in your niche and get marketing ideas from what others are doing.  The challenge is to find a way to be different enough from others to stand out.

With all of the content that is shared and syndicated through Social Media, it can be easy for your blog posts, articles, video, etc. to blend in with all of the other pieces of content that are talking about a similar subject.  The result is that it becomes invisible and has little impact.

This is something I have been working with myself and I found a strange answer to this dilemma.

Enter the Purple Cow…

Purple Cow

I recently finished the great Seth Godin book Purple Cow that addresses this exact issue.

In it he talks about how business and marketing are changing.  The way big businesses do their marketing is starting to not work anymore.  Boring products aimed at “everyone” that are given commercial air time are failing to produce results to justify the massive cost.

The solution that Seth points out in the book is to NEVER aim for the bulk of the market.  Instead he recommends focusing on reaching a really specific target market and to be remarkable enough that they will spread the message for you.  He borrows the Japanese term Otaku to refer to a group of people who are passionate about something and actively share the idea with others.  Seth refers to this as “Sneezing”, and spreading the ideavirus to others.

Here is an image that shows how new ideas spread…and no, I didn’t insert the word Visionaries in it :)

Idea Diffusion Curve

Idea Diffusion Curve

Seth actually wrote this book a year before Facebook launched and in it he talks about the future of marketing being niche marketing that is spread through social sharing.  The key to the social sharing as Seth mentions is being remarkable.  This is different than having something uninteresting that is just aggressively promoted.  This fits perfectly with those who use content based approach to marketing using social media to spread the word.


Another example of this is the auto industry.  They usually design cars to appeal to a really targeted demographic.  They will aim for 1/3 of the market to love it, 1/3 to hate it and the remaining 1/3 to not even notice it.  This might sound unusual, but look at the curve above and think about how this would work.  If one third is passionate about a car they will likely purchase it and spread the idea through driving it and talking to others about it.  Those who hate it will talk about it too, some of the time these complaints will reach the ears of one of the people who the car was designed for who will likely check it out for themselves.

Even being hated is better than being invisible when it comes to marketing!

In doing research for this post I came across an interesting principle called the Rule of Thirds.  It helps painters and photographers have composition in their work.  The rule states that the best composition comes from dividing the frame in thirds both horizontally and vertically and to place the key focal points where the lines intersect.


Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

Note how the horizon follows the upper line almost exactly and the focal point of the boat is in the lower left intersection and the island is in the upper right intersection (which mirrors the boat, the left most part being on an intersection).

When I saw this I immediately was struck by how this relates to the Idea Diffusion Curve we talked about earlier.

Good composition aims for the edges and intersections, NOT THE MIDDLE which is what boring pictures with poor composition do.

Good marketing aims for the left side of the Idea Diffusion Curve NOT THE MIDDLE which is what bad marketing usually does.

Stand Out From the Competition

OK, so how do we apply this to our marketing, and spreading the idea about our Network Marketing Opportunity

In short, Be Remarkable.

Create fresh content that is unusual and informative.  If it works to add some humor into your content, do it.

Network Marketing Application

Social Proof -What results can you produce that are remarkable?  What are some significant results that you can help you team to meet.

Story Marketing – Come up with a way to share your story in Network Marketing that is compelling and memorable.  The old saying is, “Information tells and stories sell”

Internet Marketing

Social Media – Be unique, informative and if possible, funny.  Produce content that is remarkable and others will want to share it.

SEO - Focus on Niche keywords with acceptable levels of competition.  Aiming for the big traffic keywords in your niche with massive amounts of competition is Google’s version of invisibility – low ranking!

To Your Remarkable Success!

Paul Reimers

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